Paintball is the sport or activity where participating individuals use pneumatic devices known as Paintball Markers to propel gelatine shelled paint-filled balls at one another. The paint fill is non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and off skin with mild soap and water.

Originally, paintball markers were not intended for use as sport and were actually used by forestry workers to mark trees and by cattle farmers to mark their cattle. From historically been used as a tool, it soon occurred to a few individuals to use the paintball markers to shoot the paintballs at each other in a game of Capture the Flag. This first game was devised to settle a long-standing debate as to which type of person could prove them self the most cunning and capable in a competitive rural environment: city slickers or the traditional country wise person.

Soon after their first Paintball match, Paintball pioneer, Bob Guernsey, saw the potential of what went on on that day in the woods of New Hampshire. He went on to secure direct sources of the necessary products - from the companies that supplied paintballs and markers to forestry and agricultural markets. He then marketed the first Paintball Game field franchise under the banner of the "National Survival Game (N.S.G.)". In 1983, the first official N.S.G. paintball tournament was held. Paintball was on it's way...

Subsequently, paintball has grown and has become recognised as one of the world's most excitng and challenging participation sports. It is played by millions of people, form all walks of life and all around the world.

Paintball is centred on the principle of having fun, while being exposed to a physical and competitive enviroment. Particular attention is paid to safeguarding individuals and the playing area, thus preventing the risk of serious personal injury and/or damage to the environment. You would be hard pressed to find a sport/activity that commits more time and energy to safety and pleasure.

Paintball is a character building sport and, as well as teaching players about teamwork, it also helps young players to gain self confidence and ultimately develop important life skills such as strategic thinking, communication skills and respect for others.

Success on the field and overall mastery of the game is dependant on you, as a person, being able to make decisions quickly and logically. All ages, sexes and physical conditions may compete equally, as there are no greater skills than determination and focus to make your mark on the field...


Industry Facts

  • The sport of paintball is played in more than 60 countries throughout the world
  • In 2004, over 10 million people played paintball in th USA alone
  • Paintball is the third most popular extreme sport in the USA, only just behind skateboarding and inline skating
  • Nearly 1.5 million people play paintball 15+ times a year in the USA
  • This incredible growth is ongoing on a worldwide scale

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